Anniversary present ideas for the first 5 years… without too much cheese factor.

Having done faux florals for well over 100 weddings now I am seeing lots of my past couples have anniversaries. I had grand ideas of posting anniversary wishes to each couple – but i’ve missed the boat on so many now that I thought i’d post some helpful anniversary ideas instead. I love pinterest – but man – there were some cheeeeesy gift ideas on there – so I have filtered through them to come up with some that are kinda cool – pretty easy – but still give a nod to the traditional anniversary list of gifts. The list is huge – and while we all hope to make it to Gold (50th) or Diamond (60th) (both the marriage and the gift tradition), I thought i’d break it down to just the first 5 years.

1st Anniversary Ideas – Paper

There are so many ideas for tickets for the paper anniversary. Cashed up? A plane ticket to somewhere romantic or on your bucket list is always a winner of a gift, even if you plan it together as a delayed honeymoon.
Concert or Sporting tickets (if you have the same interests) make for a good date that can be turned into a fun night away in the city after the event.
Need something more budget friendly? A simple date night at the movies with gold class tickets and dinner. If you have little people at home you could pre-arrange a baby sitter so you actually get to do this on your anniversary (even if its a school night!) It may not be as glamorous as a holiday – but post kids seeing a grown up movie and not breaking nuggets in half so they cool down faster will seem like a holiday – believe me!
Want something a little more thought out and romantic? Plan a night in – and make a menu for a fab dinner or picnic under the stars with cushions and fairy lights- and make a movie ticket and date to watch your wedding video. You could even make a playlist of the important wedding songs you had, and redo your first dance.

Paper/photo Heart

Both super cute ideas, the post it note heart is a little simpler. Pre-write out on a post it note book all the things you love about your partner – and pop them on the mirror or wall before they wake up on your anniversary date. (original image via Cosmo here)
Want something a little more permanent for your efforts? Create some wall art with this heart made from printed pictures of your first year of marriage and wedding pics – and free your photos from your phone! This seems tricky – but thanks to this easy template I found below its actually pretty easy… (original pinterest post here – i’d share the blog but it’s not in English – hence the spelling of ‘foto’s’ below 🙂 )

Map of the night sky from your wedding date!
Ok – this one is next level awesome as a paper wedding anniversary gift. Show them you love them to the moon and back with a map of the night sky from the exact night and location of your wedding
The clever folks at https://au.thenightsky.com/ allow you to personalise your chart to that moment you realized your world had changed. Give a gift of the stars to always remember your wedding night.
Create an 50cm x 70cm star map of the night your heart skipped a beat. Printed museum grade, acid free, Art Matte paper with over 200gsm weight. I am a bit obsessed with how cool these are – also a fab gift for new babies, special birthdays etc. (I may have a milestone birthday coming up next year – take this as a hint family reading this hehe) They also have a cool insta feed – follow it here…

Brown paper packages tied up with string…
Filled with a few of his favourite things… I found this on the a blog post “the newlyweds cook book”. http://thenewlywedscookbook.com/valentines-day-gift-bag/ and the beauty of this simple gift is you can fill it with simple things your husband (or wife) love. Fav choc bar, star wars socks, weird curry flavoured peanuts – it doesn’t matter what – it just matters that you know them well enough to know the little things they like – and that’s what makes it special.

Handwritten paper photo frame.
This takes a little effort but looks fab and is really special. Find a frame with a white mount that you can write on – remove from the glass and use it to write either your wedding vows or the lyrics to your first dance. Add a wedding photo – a ceremony pic if you choose the vows or a first dance pic for the lyrics. I actually love the use of a black and white photo for this. The below was found on Pinterest here.

2nd Anniversary Ideas – Cotton

Cotton ‘His & Hers’ Sole Mate Socks
Sole Mate’ socks to share with your soul mate. Personalise with your names or wedding date and mark your cotton anniversary with these cute his and hers socks available from Not on the High Street. Link here…

Cotton Hollow Whiskey
Ok so for my Aussie readers this is an American whiskey but it got me thinking that I bet there are lots of products could be found at your local bottle shops that contained one of the Anniversary items. Some off the top of my head are Stone & Wood Beer, Rock, Paper Scissors Sav Blanc, & there are lots of wood whiskeys out there. Maybe you will find the Aussie equivalent to Cotton Hollow?

Cotton Candy Champagne
Simple, pretty and a bit fun – toast your cotton anniversary with cotton candy topped champagne flutes and make your celebration fit for a unicorn! Image via A Subtle Revelry blog (link here)

Cotton personalised apron.
If your husband fancies himself a bit of a Masterchef than this personalised apron from Bridal Bling Australia if fanstasic as a cotton anniversary gift. (Caution – may not be as well received as a gift to your wife men! ) Link here.

Custom Cotton Cushion Cover
This custom love tree personalised pillow cover comes with two initials and the year you specify – cute as but still with a scandi modern feel. Available on Etsy from JolieMarche here .

Beer Flavoured Cotton Candy
Beer flavoured cotton candy – #winning as a wife! Found on Pinterest… link here

3rd Anniversary Ideas – Leather

Leather Tech Gifts..
There are some really great leather tech accesories that are perfect for travelling and or taking back and forth to the office or the job site . The first is the Wrap & Snap Cable Keeper from Infusion on Etsy. (Link here). the The middle image is the Cordito leather cord and plug roll up – which stylishly tames the mess of all the cables and streamlines packing… and it just looks cool 🙂 The design has altered slightly with the new realease but the cordito and other cool tech gifts can be found here. The last image was from pinterest – and was just an image – but its super cool so I had to include it.

Hidden message leather bracelet
This cute unisex leather bracelet with personalized Hidden Secret Message is a perfect husband or wife leather anniversary gift idea!
Genuine leather, authentic look, easy to wear, super special personal touch – it can be found on Etsy here

PickPokit leather guitar wallet.
Married to a muso? This leather pick wallet called the PickPokit is a briliant gift for a leather anniversary! Can be found at not on the high street here.

Leather Pandora Bracelet or Necklace
I know this idea has been kicking around awhile but husbands if you were ever going to get sucked into the cycle of Pandora then the leather band range of Pandora on your 4th anniversary would be a great time to start.
Check out the range at Pandora Australia here

4th Anniversary Ideas -Fruit/Flowers

DIY Pineapple Wine Bottle
This genius wine bottle hack comes from the Redefined Mum Blog and contains two of my favourite things… wine and chocolate! This is awesome for a 4th wedding anniversary and could be shared with your other half over dinner and a movie at home. Its also really cool for a hens or bridal shower – or as a gift for a friends birthday. It looks super easy to do and is super insta worthy for your efforts haha. I love it. Original post and instructions from the Redefined Mum Blog can be found here.

Fruit or Flower beverages
This may not make up the whole gift but the 4th anniversary of Fruit or Flowers lends itself to so many yummy drink options that can be the start of a date night out or some quality time in. Have alook around your local bottle shop and see what you can find – its amazing how many things leap off the shelf when you start looking for a theme. oh – and a little reminder – wine is made from grapes. Lovely Lovely wine 🙂

I am Groooot!
I am a self confessed nerd – and also have an 8 year old obsessed with Marvel so I think this one is super cute – but not for everyone. However, if you do have a super hero geek gift loving partner than this baby Groot pot is super cool. Grow a flower, plant or succulent in the pot – is hubby is an office worker he can keep groot on his desk and if he doesn’t have a green thumb and the flower doesn’t make it, then Groot can turn into a great pen holder 🙂 Can be found all over ebay – but a link to one is here.

Apple Watch or iPad
The 4th Anniversary is a pretty good time to get someone an Apple gift that they have been wanting! Apple make pretty awesome his and hers watches – or a new ipad or macbook is always nice. Browse some apple products here

Blooming Lovely Faux Floral Arrangement
Give the gift of faux flowers that last a lifetime. Premium blooms in modern and moody hues that make your home look fab and mark your 4th wedding anniversary with a floral gift that won’t end up in the bin a week after you buy it. You could even choose some flowers similar to your wedding bouquet to really make it special. This and other arrangements found in store here.

5th Anniversary Ideas – Wood

Summer Picnic Table
I love these Summer Picnic Tables by La Lucie Recycled. I have seen them on Instagram and have always thought they were fabulous – and the 5th Wood Anniversary is the perfect time to get and use one. Available here

Wooden Beer Caddy
There are loads of brilliant wooden products for men available on Etsy. This timber Beer caddy is a great example from Absolute Impressions Etsy Store. Fill with some craft beer and hubby will love it! Available here

Personalised Chopping Boards
This first one just makes me laugh! If hubby has a sense of humour, and you fancy a gin with a twist this personalised chopping board is available here from Not on the High Street. The second is a little more sentimental – but would also end up a great keepsake for future generations. It is available here from The Merkato on etsy


Wood and Opal Resin Jewellery
These jewellery piece from Wood All Good combine Wood, resin and man made opal to create stunning handcrafted jewellery pieces that represent miniature worlds with mountians, galaxies and northern lights. They are stunningly beautiful – ladies – i’d be putting in a strong hint for one of these – I love them. (husband – consider that a hint – I do have a milestone birthday next year). See the range here

Wooden bedside jewellery stand for men
These beautifully hand crafted jewellery and tech stands for men are a perfect 5th wedding anniversary present. Luxurious solid walnut or oak with grey leather tray inlay. Lovingly hand finished with a grain enhancing protective oil. Laser engraved personalisation to make it truly special. Made by MijMoj Design and found here.

Wooden heart ring box (& a ring to go with it!)
If you haven’t done so already the 5th wedding anniversary can be a nice time for an Eternity Ring – and what better to give it in for the Wood Themed Anniversary than a timber heart ring box like this one from Splintered Thought on Etsy. Link here

So that’s it – my Blooming Lovely ideas for anniversary gifts for the first 5 years. Have you tried any of these or have any great ideas to add? Let me know in the comments – Amanda x