Why Us? 

What is the Blooming Lovely Difference? Not all artificial flowers are created equal.  At Blooming Lovely Bouquets we have made it our mission to source only the best quality artificial flowers on the market.

Our experience in creating bespoke faux florals for hundreds of weddings since our 2016 launch means we have mastered what works best in artificial form and the art of blending products together to create a uniquely realistic and texture rich design.  

The hand made attention to detail in both our design and stem finishing processes ensures each bouquet is finished to the highest level and can be photographed from any angle and range and look amazing in close detailed shots. 

 We have a vast network of suppliers in Australia and over the years have learned who from these suppliers makes the best variety of each leaf and bloom. It’s these finer details that make our collections look astonishingly real. One of the best reasons to fall in love with a Blooming Lovely Bouquet is so you have an amazing keepsake of your wedding day to display in your home. If you are not the sentimental type, our collections are only made of quality products and can be resold. Each design is a unique one of a kind bouquet and because they are not replicated it makes our collections very sought after.

If you are a bride to be who loves lush modern floral designs, but can’t bear the thought of your floral investment perishing after the ‘I Do’s’ then a Blooming Lovely Bouquet is the answer.